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Buy your next home with confidence with the best home inspections in Tehachapi, CA. We are proudly members of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), ensuring that your inspector will provide only the best results and follow a standardized code of ethics. We know that a home is more than just a home, so our team members treat every inspection as if it were conducted on their own. And with pool inspections, mold inspections and water quality tests, you will have the confidence that every part of your home and property are in perfect shape.

Home Inspector

No matter the age of the home, a certified home inspection is an important step in the home buying process. With years of experience, national certifications and industry-leading technology, the best choice for a home inspection is with the At Home Inspections team. We thoroughly examine every area of the home’s interior and exterior. With our advanced technology, we can accurately investigate the hard-to-reach places like plumbing and electrical, while using our knowledge to identify areas like roofing, appliances and doors and windows. Have confidence in your new home’s future with a certified home inspection and report with us today.

Pool Inspection

Different pool and spa set ups have differing needs and attachments, which is why we offer two pool inspection options. With the basic inspection, you will receive a detailed report covering the condition of the pool and spa’s exterior, as well as the system’s equipment and functionality. With the advanced inspection, your inspector will examine all the basic areas, while also checking for leaks, the condition of electrical systems and the status of plumbing and pumps. Don’t let the burden of expensive pool repairs hinder yours; schedule a pool inspection today.

Mold Inspection

Mold can be found in some of the most common areas of your home and is both unsightly and can pose health issues if inhaled or touched. Ensure your home is free of these unwelcome allergens with a professional mold inspection. Thanks to our experience and great technology, we can confidently inspect your home and the most likely places mold would be found to provide you with an accurate report, which includes recommended next steps. Keep your home welcoming and safe with a mold inspection.


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