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The perfect home means all areas are in great condition. While identifying issues with visible, exterior areas might be easy for a homeowner, finding those that are in areas like the structure or plumbing require expert home inspections. With years of experience and the best technology in the industry, we can guarantee that your home inspection will be thorough and accurate. Don’t buy or sell your next home without knowing its exact condition with an inspection from At Home Inspections.

Home Inspector

Our experienced home inspectors in Kernville, CA treat every home they inspect as if it were theirs. This means your home inspection will be conducted thoroughly, carefully and with the most effective technology. The best home inspections are those that consider every area of the home. A home inspection from our team covers a wide like appliances, plumbing, heating and cooling and structure. Know the exact state of your current home or the one you want to buy with a home inspection.

Pool Inspection

Stay on top of the condition of your pool with the best pool and space inspection from the At Home Inspections team. We offer multiple inspection options, with our basic inspection covering a visual analysis of the pool’s exterior, as well as the state of the equipment and fixtures running the system. As for our advanced inspection, you will also receive a detailed report on any leaks, the status of electrical systems, the safety of the area and many other aspects. Book your pool inspection today with our experts.

Mold Inspection

Mold and other similar allergens are common and unwelcome additions to many homes. Not only is mold an unappealing feature to find in one’s home, but it is also a health issue, as breathing it can cause respiratory issues and contact can cause skin irritation. At Home Inspections strives to ensure the safety of our neighbors with detailed mold inspections. As experts in the industry, our team of inspectors know the most likely areas of your home to inspect.


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